INSTANDER APK Download The Latest Version (v18.0) 2024

INSTANDER APK Elevates Your INSTAGRAM Journey to the Next Level of Entertainment

Download HD Photos/Videos, GHOST Mode, Premium Features

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Instander APK: Prime Features

Download High-Quality Media

Ghost Mode

Save Posts in Archive

Create Close Friends List

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Instagram ranks high among the world’s most famous social media platforms, also for me, it’s the biggest source of online entertainment. Here I get firsthand photos and stories from my favorite celebrities, social media influencers, friends, and followers. I spend a lot of time here to entertain myself with the amazing world of Social Media.

But, Like other social apps, Instagram also lacks some features. It never allows me to download photos, videos, and reels of my stars and friends, never allows me to hide my presence among my social friends, and never fulfills my wishes I have for my social Platform.

Instander APK

Instander APK enhances Instagram experience to the next level of entertainment with its ever-new exclusive features, regularly updated functionalities, and unique privacy controls under “Ghost Mode”. It gives a completely new social experience with its extra functionalities, premium features, and upgraded user experience.

Instander- the best Instagram mod APK, is a regularly updated and secure alternative to Instagram with unique features like downloading of Photos, Videos, reels, and IGTV under a complete ad-free browsing, privacy control options like ghost mode and much more.

APP Details






thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov)


Android 9.0+

CPU Architecture





Social Networking

Last Update

FEB 25, 2024

How to Download and Install Instander APK v18.0 Latest Version 2024

To download new and updated version of Instander for Android on your device, follow the steps below.

Steps to Download Instander APK
  • Download the APK file and locate it on your device.
  • Allow the installation from your Android setting.
  • Login with your Instagram ID credentials.
  • Allow necessary permissions.
  • Enjoy the exclusive features of this application!


Instander comes with many amazing and advanced functionalities, delivering a top-notch user journey. Here, I will discuss all the premium features of the Instander APK in detail and provide guide pics with each feature to make it easy for you to use every feature.

download images,reels and videos

Download Images, Videos, and Reels

Instagram is one of my favorite social platforms and a major source of entertainment for me. I am always looking for my favorite celebrities’ firsthand pics to be uploaded, and I should have them on my phone. Also, I am a huge admirer of funny reels. But I am always disappointed when I try to download these reels or my favorite stars’s stories on my phone by using third-party downloaders due to their annoying ads.

Instander offers me a direct download of high-quality pics, videos, IGTV, and reels to my device without any annoyance, just with a single tap.

 Privacy control using “Ghost Mode”

If you are a person who likes to be mysterious among people, then you will fall in love with this feature of the application. By using “Ghost mode,” you can “Disable Typing Indication,” “Hide View On Stories,” and “Hide Read Status.”

“Disable Typing Indication”

It provides a level of mystery when you are texting someone. By disabling typing indications, you can add a layer of privacy while communicating with someone within this application. No one can get an idea that you are typing a text to him.

“Hide View On Stories”

This amazing feature helps you to hide your presence as a viewer of other’s stories. If you are a person who prefers to keep your online presence secret, this feature is for you. You can keep an eye on other’s stories even without their acknowledgment.

Ghost mode Instander

“Hide Read Status”

Suppose you are a person who does not like to respond to someone instantly or does not want to mark others’ messages that are in your window as read immediately. Then this feature is very precious for you. You can read others’ messages without their knowing and can take some time to respond.

Close Friends

Close Friends List

Suppose you do not want to share your posts with everyone on social platforms for any reason. This APK allows you to create a special list of your close friends, to share your posts exclusively with them. Also, you can add or remove people from your close friends list without their acknowledgment. If you share any post only with your close friends, your close friends can see that this post is for close friends only, but without you, no one can see your close friends list.

 Hide Stories From The List

Sometimes, I do not want all the people to see my stories as I don’t think that all the stories are suitable for all the people on social platforms. In this case, this app helps me to hide my stories from the specific audience that I want.

If you are a person who does not want to publicize his stories on social platforms, then this feature of this apk is going to be your favorite one. You can hide your photos and videos, including live videos on your stories from some particular individuals, by using this amazing feature of the Instander Application.

Hide Stories from the List
save story to archive

 Save Story To Archive

Suppose you love to download media from your social platforms but have short space on your device. You just need to turn “ON” this feature of the app, and it will allow you to save the photos and videos in your archive. This feature helps you to keep your device clutter-free.

 Instander has No Ads.

Sometimes, you have to watch some annoying ads in your Instagram feed, and you have no control to turn them off. But Instander application allows you to switch off those annoying ads. You can enjoy a complete ad-free experience throughout the journey; just go to the privacy settings, block ads, and voila!

Instander has no ads
upload images and videos in high quality

Upload Images And Stories In High Resolutions

If you are a person who loves to share his images and videos with high resolutions on social platforms, then this feature is going to be your favorite one. It allows you to share your photos, videos, reels, and stories in the highest possible resolution by enabling its Max Quality feature. By using this feature of this app, you can add your memories and special and happy moments of life to your social accounts with high pixels and maximum quality.

Stop Autoplay To Save Data

As Instagram plays videos automatically, it consumes so much data. It gives us no control to turn off this function to save data if we have limited data on our device. But, this app provides us with a helpful feature to save our data balance.

Just turn off “auto-play” and save your data from the videos which you do not want to play. You can also stop the background data usage in the settings.

stop autoplay videos
view full size profile picture

 View Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size

Instagram does not allow you to view full-size profile pictures of its users. But, this APK allows you to view someone’s profile photo in full size just by long tapping on the profile DP.

Indicate Who Follows You Or Viewed Your Profile

Who is following or checking your profile? Are you aware of this? It’s always a good thing that you are connected with your friends and family on social platforms, but sometimes, you do not want some people to check or follow your profile. Instagram gives you no check regarding this, but if you are using Instander application, then you do not need to worry at all. Because the Instander application allows you to keep track of those who visited your profile, so, you can now keep an eye on those friends and especially on relatives who check and visit your profile.

indicate who follows you
smart gestures

Smart Gestures

By enabling “Smart gestures” mode ON, you can navigate between the pages, zoom, and like the photo by long and double tapping. This feature gives you comfort while using your social account. You can also turn it off if you want.

Wide Search Content

This app has a treasury of content in its search section. You can explore popular and trending videos, IGTV, and a whole bunch of your interests like adventure, hilarious, food, travel, fashion, brands, outfits, TV & movies, etc. This apk allows you to follow and watch your favorite Stars firsthand videos in its search section.

wide search content
sharing of feed posts

 Sharing Of Feed Posts

However, I like people to share my feed posts on their stories, but sometimes, for some feed posts and IGTV videos, I do not like them. So, at that moment, this app gives you control over what is to be shared by your social friends regarding you. By turning off this feature, nobody can add your feed post to his story. So, you can decide which posts of yours can be added to others’ stories.

The Setting Menu is Available in 25 Languages

Suppose you are a person who loves to communicate with foreigners on social platforms and loves to make them your friends. But due to the language barrier, you can not fulfill your wish. Don’t worry; this app has a solution for you. It allows you to communicate in different languages effortlessly on your social platform. You can translate messages and also comment on your social friend posts in different languages.

instander is available in 25 languages
analytics and crash reports

Analytics And Crash Reports

By using this app, you can turn analytics off/able. By turning off this feature, under the privacy settings, you can stop your in-app activities from being analyzed, and by turning this on, your in-app experience can be analyzed for a better user experience.

Also, you can send crash reports to your developers so that they can fix the bugs and work on an app for a better user experience.

 Instagram vs Instander: Which can be your favorite Social Partner?

 A comparison chart between the official Instagram and Instander is given below to help you decide on a better option for you.

It has standard and limited features, you can not download media to your gallery.It has exclusive and premium features like downloading pics/videos/reels/stories, and many more, as discussed below in this Article.
It comes with basic privacy control.It comes with advanced privacy controls using “ghost mode.”
Standard interface with limited customization.Customizable interface with themes and colors.
Sometimes, you have to face some annoying ads.You can enjoy an ad-free experience on this.

According to my personal experience, as I explored both of these apps, the Instander has premium features for privacy concerns, 100% safe to use, and is a more versatile experience as compared to the Instagram app. So, I always prefer Instander over Instagram.

You can also check the comparison between Instander and other mods of Instagram to decide which mod can be your Insta game changer!

How to use Instander?

Instander comes with many features, like downloading content and some advanced privacy controls. You can explore and enjoy all these features on your device. I would love to upload a guide video on how to use it to make it easy for you to use it properly and enjoy all its features. And if you have any questions regarding Instander then just Click here to get all of your answers.


INSTANDER APK- Instagram mod APK with exclusive and premium features, as discussed above in detail, will elevate your social experience to the maximum level of entertainment and fun. All the features, download method, and guide video on how to use it properly have been given above. Just Download the Instander application and advance your social journey.