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Instander is a modified and updated version of Instagram with exclusive and unique features. Considering user interest, developers have been launching new versions with updated features for better user experience. Instander old versions have been discussed below with their APKs. To download the Latest Version v18.0 for Android Click here.

Instander APK Old Versions

instander versión antigua

Instander v17.2

The minimum requirements for version v17.2 are

  • Android 9+ (SDK 28)
  • ABIs AArch64 (ARM64-v8a)

Updated features

  • Monet theme addition for Android 12+;
  • Disabling the monet theme has been added;
  • Feed loading on some devices;
  • The reels download button has been fixed;
  • Alte & Hoefler’s New Fonts have been fixed;
  • Raised the target SDK to 33;
  • The app icon has been changed;
  • Translations have been updated.

Instander v17.2 Beta 4

Some Updations in version v17.2 Beta 4 were;

  • Monet theme fixation;
  • Fixed Monet switch on Android 12;
  • Raised the target SDK to 33.

Instander v17.2 Beta 3

Updated features

  • Added Monet theme Android 12 or higher;
  • Fixed launch app on some devices.


  • Unavailable toggle on Android 12;
  • The coin theme is not disabled in all languages Except English.

Instander v17.2 Beta 1

A second attempt to fix the Feed.

Instander v17.2 Beta 0

Some fixations in version v17.2 Beta 0 were;

  • Reels down button fixation;
  • Alte & Hoefler’s New Fonts have been fixed;
  • Fixed a bug when the feed could not be loaded.

Instander v17.1

Additions and fixations in version v17.1 were;

  •  Addition of 60-second stories;
  • The download button in the three-dot menu was fixed;
  • The mobile configuration updater was fixed.

Instander v17.0

Some of the latest features were added to this updated version v17.0;

  • Migration to Instagram version;
  • Minimum requirements were Android 9+ (ARM64-v8a);
  • A Reels scrubber was added;
  • When live watching, a badge was added;
  • New fonts for stories were added.
  • Many translations were added;
  • The Monet theme for SDK 31+ was removed.
  • The In-app lock was removed;
  • The video scrubber was removed;
  • Removed Mark as read, view story status using ghost mode;
  • Removed Instander backup settings;
  • The download button was removed from the feed and added to the three-dot menu.

Instander v16.0

Some of the latest additions in version v16.0 were;

  • Migration to Instagram version
  • The Monet color scheme for Android 12+ was added;
  • Animated splash for Android 12+ was added;
  • Theme icon for Android 13+ was added;
  • In-app lock was added in BETA form;
  • 60 second stories were added;
  • The mobile configuration developer mode decoder was added.
  • New Instander sans fonts were added;
  • The download button was added to the three-dot menu;
  • Added hide “Download feed button”;
  • Added selective biography in profile;
  • The instander menu was redesigned;
  • All dialogs were redesigned;
  • Redesigned all toast texts.
  • The auto OTA feature was fixed,
  • The Spanish language was added.

Instander v16.0 Beta 3.1

Some fixations in the v16.0 Beta version were;

  • The splash screen on Android 5-11 was fixed;
  • Instander settings were fixed;
  • The fingerprint on starting the app was fixed.

Instander v16.0 Beta 3.0

Some Additions in this Beta version were;

  • The mobile configuration developer mode decoder was added;
  • New Instander sans fonts were added;
  • The download button was added to the three-dot menu;
  • Added hide “Download feed button”.
  • Added selective biography in profile;
  • The instander menu was redesigned;
  • Redesigned all dialogs;
  • Redesigned all toast messages;
  • The auto OTA feature was fixed;
  • Fixed listening to music in stories;
  • Facebook authorization;
  • Updated Ukrainian and Russian languages and Spanish language was added;
  • The code was optimized.

Instander v16.0 Beta 2.0

In this version, v16.0 Beta 2.0 some fixes were;

  • Direct downloads of photos;
  • Restoring of Instander settings.

Instander v16.0 Beta 1.0

Moving to version

  • The Monet color scheme for Android 12+;
  • Animated splash for Android 12+;
  • Theme icon for Android 13+ 
  • 60 sec stories;
  • New ad cutout;
  • In-app lock (Beta).

Instander v15.3

  • Fixed random crash on samsung with One UI 4;
  • Fixed crash mark as read on some devices;
  • Rebuild app using the latest tools.

Instander v15.2

  • Forcing the snow off for those who updated from XE version;
  • Fix of random application crash on some phones.

Instander v15.1

 Following were the additions;

  • Added IGTV downloading;
  • Added turn off auto flipping stories;
  • Added quick turn on “Do not mark direct as read”
  • Added backup of instander settings;
  • Added instander menu (download, preview, direct link to post);
  • Fixed avatar zoom;
  • Fixed account type change;
  • Ads switch fixed.

Instander v15.0

  • Rebase to instagram
  • Added link sticker;
  • Add your stickers;
  • “Video scrubber” is forced ON;
  • Remove Video scrubber option;
  • Temporarily not added Mark as Read indirect;
  • Temporarily not added download IGTV.

Instander v14.1

  • Fixed action buttons with comments;
  • Fixed application crashes due to notifications;
  • Fixed crash on entering direct;
  • Fixed when switching to the first photo in the profile;
  • Fixed pin icon in comments;
  • Disabled saving photos in webp;
  • Disabled photo uploading to webp.

Instander v14.0

  • Rebase to instagram
  • Added animation splash screen for Android 12;
  • Added menu with instander team;
  • Fixed the display of ads;
  • Fixed errors in subscription and likes;
  • Fixed adding Reels and IGTVs to your stories;
  • Fixed photos in maximum quality;
  • Fixed action buttons in comments;
  • Fixed download button in stories;

Instander v13.1

  • Rebase to instagram
  • Added “video scrubber” in setting;
  • Added “Paypal” to Donation menu;
  • Added “Tinkoff” to Donation menu;
  • Remade of copying and translation of comments.
  • Improved quality in stories camera;
  • Removed Unmutual followers;
  • Instander code optimized;
  • Fixed many crashes;
  • Fixed watching live broadcasts;
  • Increased number of characters to be copied up to 5000.

Instander v12.1

  • Fixed downloading media on some devices;
  • Changed the default download path to /Pics/Instander;
  • Added Ethereum to Donate;
  • Added changelog on Russian;

Instander v12.0

  • Rebase to instagram
  • Improved photo quality;
  • Added download IGTV;
  • Added social network menu;
  • Removed Splunk MINT Crashlytics;
  • Fixed fonts;
  • Fixed non coloring when changing theme or on global black theme
  • Fixed Threads on profile;
  • Fixed application crash when trying to complain.

Instander v11.0

  • Re-added unmutual followers;
  • Fixed modern fonts;
  • Remade story quality;
  • Many fixes and optimizations.

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