Instander VS GB Instagram: Which one is the best Instagram mod apk?

Instagram is the most entertaining social platform for those who love to share their lives on Social platforms. Instagram users always get notified about the lives of their favorite celebrities. But it has some lacks in its features that made users find some other options with updated and upgraded features. In this scenario, Instagram Mods like Instander, GB Instagram, and some others gained popularity among users who want to enhance their Instagram experience with updated functionalities and new features.

instander vs gb instagram

Instander is a modified version of Instagram that offers a range of exciting features including downloading photos, videos, and stories and unique privacy options under “Ghost Mode”. It allows customization of themes and colors, changes fonts and colors, and enables multiple accounts.

On the other hand, GB Instagram or any other Mod app of Instagram 2024 comes with also unique features like content downloads, enhanced privacy settings, and much more that are not available in the Original Instagram app. 

As I have used and explored both these modded versions of Instagram, So, let me compare both of these and make it easy to decide which one is for you.

Features and Benefits of Instander

The following are the Notable features of Instander that make it the choice of every social media user.

Content Download

The First Notable feature of Instander is its ability to download photos, videos, IGTV, and reels in high resolutions. You can download all the content you want just with A single tap without involving any third-party app. 


 Instander allows its users theme customization. You can change the theme colors and fonts of your choice.

Privacy Setting Under Ghost Mode

 Instander comes with enhanced Privacy Options Under its “Ghost Mode” section. By using this feature you can control “who can see your online status”, and “read receipts”.

Instander also gives you control over your “seen on stories” even, If you have seen the story of your friend. 

See Profile Picture in full size

 You can see full-size profile pictures of anyone using Instander, but can not if you are a user of Instagram. 

Available in 25 Languages

You can chat with anyone living in any corner of the World by using this feature of Instander APK. There is no language barrier for the Instander app.

Features of GB Instagram

Following are the key features of GB Instagram.

Download Media

 You can download media directly to your Gallery

Privacy Settings

GB Instagram offers you Privacy options, like the hide of Online Status, and disabling read receipts. 


GB Instagram allows you to customize themes, colors, and fonts. 

Comparison between Instander and GB Instagram

Instander and GB Instagram are two popular mods of Instagram offering additional features and customization options, but they have some key differences between them.

When we discuss features, Instander covers a wider range of options than GB Instagram.

When it comes to User Interface design, Instander has a great user-friendly layout have no glitches or bugs. While GB Instagram has some occasional performance issues hai some glitches.

Both Instander and GB Instagram are famous among users for their additional functionalities and upgraded experience as compared to Instagram. 

But, Instander is popular for its smooth performance and easy-to-use interface. Also, according to our personal experience, the Instander app has a smoother and better user experience, seamless interface, and upgraded features than GB Instagram. 

 So why wait? Download Instander’s Latest version v18.0, 2024, and enjoy your Instagram journey with advanced and premium features.

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